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Learn about the different grants and opportunities available through the Georgia Strategic Charter School Growth Initiative.

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We support high quality state charter schools serving children throughout Georgia by leveraging resources to help schools launch, build capacity, and grow.

2022 Annual Report

We are making an impact where it matters.

The SCSF focuses our efforts on strengthening state charter schools and supporting high-quality educational opportunities for Georgia's children. We facilitate donations, provide training and technical assistance, support students and teachers, and offer grants to state charter schools. The SCSF is also leading the Georgia Strategic Charter School Growth Initiative to grow more charter school opportunities for families.

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The SCSF is a charitable nonprofit organization supporting the work of the State Charter Schools Commission of Georgia, a state agency. The SCSF has no regulatory authority over any school, nor does the SCSF have access to school records. For more information about school policies, procedures, or concerns, please contact schools directly.

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