Our Schools

State charter schools serve students across Georgia, including urban, suburban and rural communities.  Our network represents diverse families and educators, all committed to a better education.

State charter schools in Georgia serving over 38,000 students for the 2020-21 school year!


Learning continues at state charter schools! Our schools are responsive to the needs of their communities and are offering in-person, virtual, and/or hybrid learning for their students. Since state charter schools are independent public school districts, they have the flexibility to make decisions that are best for their students, faculty, and families. Please contact a school directly for information on their response to COVID-19. 

Georgia's state charter schools serve more than 38,000 students throughout the state, with students in every Georgia county! Many schools offer educational opportunities for students regardless of where they live in Georgia. Others serve students in specific geographic areas. All state charter schools offer an educational program that is not available at other public schools in their community.

Our schools offer incredibly diverse opportunities in rural, urban and suburban regions with a focus on innovative programs including dual language immersion (DLI), arts integration, project-based learning, and STEM/STEAM educational programs. Some schools provide single-sex education or leadership and mentorship programs, and many offer social services for their entire community. Other schools offer "second-chance" high school diploma programs and/or online learning options. With community-based governing boards, state charter schools in Georgia are leading the way for innovation in public education.

 Explore the map below to find out more about a state charter school near you! Click on a school listing and then More Details to be taken to a school's website.