Our Schools

State charter schools serve students across Georgia, including urban, suburban and rural communities.  Our network represents diverse families and educators, all committed to a better education.

Download a list of Georgia's operational state charter schools below: 

2023-24 Georgia State Charter Schools

Visit FindaGaCharter.org for more information about charter schools in Georgia!

FindaGaCharter.org features a comprehensive charter school locator map and profile information about all (local and state) charter schools in Georgia. The site is managed by the Georgia Strategic Charter School Growth Initiative. 

State charter schools in Georgia serving over 50,000 students for the 2023-24 school year!


Georgia's state charter schools serve more than 50,000 students throughout the state, with students in every Georgia county! All state charter schools offer an educational program that is not available at other public schools in their community. Each has its own attendance zone, with many open to all students in Georgia, including three virtual schools.

Our schools offer incredibly diverse opportunities in rural, urban, and suburban regions with a focus on innovative programs including dual language immersion (DLI), arts integration, project-based learning, STEM/STEAM, college prep, single-gender, and culturally-responsive educational programs. With community-based governing boards, state charter schools in Georgia are leading the way for innovation in public education. Please see each school's website for more information.