Art of Connection - Exhibition of Student Art

View the virtual gallery to see the winners of the 2022 Art of Connection Exhibition of Student Art!

The SCSF believes that encouraging children and teens to create art helps them form connections with the world around them. Artistic engagement helps children develop cognitive and emotional skills, giving them an outlet to express themselves and explore their own ideas.

The SCSF would love to thank all the students for their artwork, this year's contest had over 200 submissions from 17 different schools! Please check out all the student's amazing submissions including the winners in the virtual gallery below! Also, please take a moment to meet the amazing judges for this year!

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A Helping Hand - Kaitlyn Lee

"A Helping Hand" by Kaitlyn L., Academy for Classical Education, High School 1st Place Winner 2022

Thank you to our judges from Georgia's art community!

               Monika Wiley                      Morgan Boszilkov                      Melvin Toledo                       AnnaLee Burnstein                 Elizabeth Lide

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