Our Impact

The Foundation supports high-quality educational opportunities for Georgia's children by strengthening and supporting  state charter schools.

A New Approach for Unprecedented Times

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The SCSF is supporting state charter schools and their students. We are here to make a long-term impact on public education and the future of Georgia's children. 

1 Meeting Students' Needs

Schools are working hard to meet their students' needs for social-emotional learning (SEL) and response to trauma. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on families and children, and the SCSF will support state charter schools as they connect with families and offer tools, resources, and programming to ensure their students' wellbeing.

2 Supporting Innovation & Effective Learning

State charter schools are charged with providing better educational opportunities for children, regardless of the challenges we are facing. The SCSF will support innovative ideas, professional development, tools, and programs that promote effective learning and positive student outcomes, particularly those that focus on students who have been traditionally underserved.

3 Launching Schools & Building School Capacity

The SCSF will offer resources and support for new schools meeting unique community needs, particularly those where charter schools do not already exist, and provide assistance to existing schools to grow their capacity.

4 Bridging the Digital Divide 

Students need a device and Internet access at school and at home. The SCSF will support initiatives that ensure that students and their families have access when and where they need it. More info: SCSF Bridging the Digital Divide Initiative Video: See our impact at recent device distribution events.



2019 State Charter School Facility & Finance Analysis

The State Charter Schools Foundation of Georgia (SCSF), in coordination with Level Field Partners and with support from the Walton Family Foundation, completed an analysis of the state charter school facility landscape to assist state charter schools in overcoming barriers in providing safe and affordable buildings for students.

The report includes updated market trends for state charter schools and recommendations for reducing costs, keeping more public education dollars inside our classrooms.

Please find the complete report presentation here: SCSF_Georgia Facilities Landscape Analysis

Please find the executive summary here: SCSF_Georgia Facilities Landscape Executive Summary

Strategic Investment Priorities

The State Charter Schools Foundation of Georgia (SCSF) seeks to leverage resources from private and public charitable sources to help state charter schools launch, build capacity, and grow through a comprehensive approach that reflects the needs of the schools and the broader ecosystem in Georgia.

In 2018, the Board of Directors approved a three-year strategic plan to guide the work of the Foundation. We are supporting state charter schools by:

  • Presenting and promoting accurate and complete information to demonstrate the value of state charter schools for Georgia's families.
  • Raising funds and resources for state charter schools in Georgia.
  • Offering grant funds to support innovative initiatives at state charter schools.
  • Providing capacity building support for state charter schools.
  • Providing technical assistance to schools.

The strategic plan is currently under review by the Board of Directors. To provide feedback as a stakeholder, please email mneely@scsfga.org.


The Foundation is committed to other key activities
as a part of its strategy and ecosystem approach.

Building a network for state charter school educators to share resources and drive innovation.

Providing technical support to state charter schools to increase operational performance and fundraising ability.

Promoting state charter schools and supporting Georgia's children by sharing stories and celebrating success.