Our Impact

The SCSF supports high-quality educational opportunities for Georgia's children by strengthening and supporting  state charter schools.

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Wendy Everson - Pataula Charter
Carter P 2nd Place Jr Elem 2021 IAS

Supporting Schools & Students

We are here to make a long-term impact on public education and the future of Georgia's children. 


The SCSF facilitates donations of goods and services to state charter schools. Schools have received hundreds of thousands of dollars of bulk PPE and school supplies, electronic devices (for schools and for families), and books and learning kits for students. The SCSF makes it easy for companies and organizations to reach schools and students across Georgia with donated goods and services. Contact mneely@scsfga.org to start the donation process today!


The SCSF has provided nearly $400,000 in grants to state charter schools to address needs during the COVID-19 pandemic and to support reading. We have also granted book vending machines to two schools. The SCSF needs your support to provide additional grants to help schools implement innovative approaches and meet the needs of their school communities. 

Launching Schools & Building School Capacity

The SCSF provides technical assistance, training, and resources to help schools grow and thrive. In 2022, the SCSF with our partners will establish the Georgia Strategic Charter School Growth Initiative to support the creation, replication, and expansion of high-quality charter schools. The effort offers two cohort programs for new and existing schools, and the SCSF provides grant funds to awarded schools through a $4.1 million GEER II grant and $38.3 million CSP grant.

Signature Programs

The SCSF has several signature programs to show our support for state charter schools, their students, and their faculty and staff. 

  • Schools of Wellness: The SCSF is designing a program to support the wellbeing of school faculty, staff, and students. Utilizing graduate social work interns, the SCSF is developing the Wellness Ambassadors, a community of practice, offering training on mental health crisis identification and response, and providing schools with resources and connections to mental health providers. The SCSF is also designing and building Wellness Spaces at state charter schools and looking to replicate a faculty and staff wellness program at one of our schools that includes therapeutic spa services, talk therapy, and group resilience training. The SCSF has helped connect schools with COVID-19 resources including access to vaccine clinics and COVID-19 testing programs.
  • Book Wagon & Book Vending Machines: The SCSF brings the Book Wagon to state charter elementary schools so that students can select a book of their choice to keep. The SCSF has a goal of installing book vending machines in every elementary school to help schools encourage reading. Investors are needed to fulfill requests for book vending machines & the Book Wagon visits! Please contact mneely@scsfga.org.
  • Art of Connection Exhibition of Student Art: The SCSF recognizes the creativity of state charter school students with a virtual art gallery and juried art contest every Spring. Georgia artists serve as judges, and winners receive gift cards.
  • Shining Star Teachers: Each Spring, the SCSF recognizes exceptional teachers from state charter schools from nominations from school communities. Winners receive certificates and gift cards.
  • Donuts for Teachers: In the Fall, the SCSF raises funds and provides donuts to teachers and staff at state charter schools around Georgia. Buy donuts now!

We need supporters to help us continue serving state charter schools and their students. All donations go directly to support programs. Please give today. For investment opportunities, please contact Michele Neely.

2022 Annual Report

2019 State Charter School Facility & Finance Analysis

The State Charter Schools Foundation of Georgia (SCSF), in coordination with Level Field Partners and with support from the Walton Family Foundation, completed an analysis of the state charter school facility landscape to assist state charter schools in overcoming barriers in providing safe and affordable buildings for students.

The report includes updated market trends for state charter schools and recommendations for reducing costs, keeping more public education dollars inside our classrooms.

Complete report

Executive summary

The SCSF is committed to innovative public education for all of Georgia's children.

Building a network for state charter school educators to share resources and drive innovation.

Providing technical support to state charter schools to increase operational performance and fundraising ability.

Promoting state charter schools and supporting Georgia's children by sharing stories and celebrating success.