Our Impact

The Foundation works to strengthen and support existing state charter schools as well as to expand the pipeline of state charter schools for the future.

2019 State Charter School Facility & Finance Analysis

The State Charter Schools Foundation of Georgia (SCSF), in coordination with Level Field Partners and with support from the Walton Family Foundation, completed a statewide analysis of the charter school facility landscape to assist charter schools in overcoming barriers in providing safe and affordable buildings for students.

The report includes updated market trends for state charter schools and recommendations for reducing costs, keeping more public education dollars inside our classrooms.

Please find the complete report presentation here: SCSF_Georgia Facilities Landscape Analysis

Please find the executive summary here: SCSF_Georgia Facilities Landscape Executive Summary

Strategic Investment Priorities

The State Charter Schools Foundation of Georgia (SCSF) seeks to leverage resources from private and public charitable sources to help state charter schools launch, build capacity and grow through a comprehensive approach that reflects the needs of the schools and the broader ecosystem in Georgia.

In 2018, the Board of Directors approved a three-year strategic plan to guide the work of the Foundation.  Aligned with those ambitious goals, the Foundation is pursuing two strategic initiatives in 2018-19.

First, in listening to our schools’ needs, we are raising funds for a capacity-building grant program which will bring in new and needed dollars to children across the state.  The focus of the grants will be on transformational and sustainable investments in teacher development, STEAM and STEM resources, specialty labs and other academic resources aligned with the school.

Second, in analyzing the most persistent challenges charter schools face, SCSF is breaking down barriers in the areas of facility access and fair financing.  Georgia charter schools spend around $631 per student on facilities costs. For a school with 370 students, that totals over $230,000 or enough to hire five teachers (Shortchanged Charters, 2011).  Through a three-pronged approach, SCSF seeks to reduce overall expenditure on facilities and financing, reinvesting public dollars into public school classrooms.

Breaking down Persistent Challenges
FY19 Ecosystem Approach

The Foundation is committed to other key activities
as a part of its strategy and ecosystem approach.

Building a network for state charter school educators, families and communities

Providing support to state charter schools for local family/community fundraising efforts

Advocating for state charter schools by sharing stories and information with business, philanthropic and civic leaders