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Please give! The SCSF is working to bridge the digital divide and support state charter schools!

100% of your donation will go to devices and Internet for students and grants to schools.

State charter schools across Georgia worked hard to serve their students during school closures, and they are diligently planning for re-opening this fall. The pandemic and subsequent school closures has highlighted needs of our students and schools.

  • We MUST bridge the digital divide. Students must have an electronic device at home and access to the Internet. The SCSF has already facilitated the donation of electronic devices to nearly 150 students - for them to keep at home. Devices come with training and technical support, ensuring that families know how to use and maintain the device. Our goal is to serve 1,500 students over the next year with devices and/or Internet access. Give $400 to provide a device to student. Give $30 to provide a student one month of Internet access. 
  • State charter schools are facing a 10% in state funding while needing to make facility improvements and purchase supplies to help make schools safer during the pandemic. Since our schools do not receive local funding, this reduction has a significant impact on their budgets. The SCSF will award grants to schools to help respond to COVID-19 and continue offering innovative educational opportunities.

Please, give generously, so that the SCSF is ready to stand beside state charter schools and students! EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR MATTERS!


per pupil gap

Georgia lawmakers made a significant investment in state charter schools with the passage of HB787, making state funding more equitable. However, state charter schools still face a gap in funding. In 2018-19, state charter schools received an average of $9,257 in  federal, state, and local funding, compared to $12,199 received per pupil by traditional public schools, as reported by the Georgia Department of Education. This per pupil gap amounts to a significant hurdle for our schools ranging from competitive teacher salaries to classroom resources.

Individual, foundation, and corporate giving support the mission and strategic focus areas of the State Charter Schools Foundation.