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Help state charter schools respond to the COVID-19 pandemic!

State charter schools across Georgia are providing distance learning, tutoring, and counseling services for students while schools are closed. Schools are handing out their laptops and tablets, paying for Internet access, and mailing or dropping off packets of assignments - anything to help students keep learning. Although the SCSF has been able to award grants, state charter schools still need our help to meet the needs of every student! Many students throughout the state, particularly those in our rural communities, still do not have access to the Internet or a reliable electronic device to access distance learning. Our academically at-risk students need tutoring services and supplemental support to continue learning.

As summer nears, state charter schools are looking toward the future. Will they open in person this fall? Will blended learning - combining in-person and online instruction - become the new norm for schools? What do they need to do to ensure the health and safety of faculty and students when they do re-open? Schools will need funding to replace damaged or lost devices, continue Internet access, provide devices for students to keep at home, deep cleaning for school buildings, and training for teachers to utilize distance learning platforms most effectively.

Please, give generously, so that the SCSF is ready to stand beside state charter schools and meet their changing needs!


per pupil gap

Georgia lawmakers made a significant investment in state charter schools with the passage of HB787, making state funding more equitable. However, state charter schools still face a gap in funding. In 2018-19, state charter schools received an average of $9,257 in  federal, state, and local funding, compared to $12,199 received per pupil by traditional public schools, as reported by the Georgia Department of Education. This per pupil gap amounts to a significant hurdle for our schools ranging from competitive teacher salaries to classroom resources.

Individual, foundation, and corporate giving support the mission and strategic focus areas of the State Charter Schools Foundation.